Cavalier Rescue Foundation

Dedicated to placing our rescued Cavaliers in safe, loving & permanent homes
Sweet Cavaliers who pass this way, once scared and alone; Welcome to peace, for now you are home.
Quinn with her new family
Daphne Gets Adopted
Mikey (aka Cooper) meets his new mom July 7, 2011
Lucy (aka Molly) joins her new family
Willow and Celtic enjoying the good life
Simon got adopted and is living in Tucson, AZ
Cookie Lou living the good life
Callie & Lucy were adopted by their foster  family
Winston will be moving to Canada with his new family
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Daisy (on the right) with her new family. 
Lucy (aka Gracie) is happy in her new home
Lady (aka Betty) with her new family
Jack (aka Brutus)
Peach with her new mom
Blaze and his new family
Shelby joins her new family
Roscoe with his new mom
Grace Crosby and her new dad
Jackson guarding the laundry at his new home
Topper and his new family
Trouper arrives in Washington to meet his new dad
Baron and his new family
Sally & Crosbie are adopted together
Royce (aka Dakota) with his new brother and sister Mercedes (left) and Bentley (middle)
Ace and his new dad at home in Seattle
Giles (aka Charlie) in his new home.
Rags playing frisbee at her new home
Giles doing what a Cavalier does best
Lady and her new forever friends
Lucy enjoying life with her new family
Truman living the good life
Roxy hanging out in her new home
Asha with her new forever friend, Oreo
Gizmo ready to live happily ever after
Junior ready to go home with his new family