Cavalier Rescue Foundation

Dedicated to placing our rescued Cavaliers in safe, loving & permanent homes
Cavalier Rescue Foundation is in need of foster families in Arizona. We cover costs associated with the dog's vet care and you will just be asked to provide the love, attention, training and patience these dogs deserve.

Many of these dogs know nothing about being a beloved pet. They have never had a comfortable bed to sleep on, felt the kindness of human touch or the joy of grass beneath their paws.  They need guidance on how to become a treasured pet.

Fostering is one of the hardest jobs you will ever love. It is an amazing experience to see how a dog learns to trust with just love and attention.

Located in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ), Cavalier Rescue Foundation is made up of a group of volunteers dedicated to caring for unwanted and neglected Cavaliers and placing them in loving forever homes.   Our dogs are in foster homes throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area.  If you are interested please email for more information.

I saved one dog and didn't change the world but the world sure changed for that one dog......