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they opened the door to the van and I saw the light. It was so sunny and warm. Another car, more driving. Before I knew it I was on this green funny looking stuff. I wasn't sure what it was but it tickled my feet and it felt good. I later found out it was grass. I never knew what grass was before then. I finally realized I had been saved.

My new family was wonderful. They bathed me and fed me good food and I got to sleep in a huge comfortable bed with them. Little did I know this bliss would only last for 6 more days.

I started to feel sick a few days after arriving. I didn't understand because I wasn't locked up anymore. Maybe it was just all the stress but I just knew something wasn't right and so did my Mom. I went downhill really fast. My Mom took me to the Vet and they told her that my lungs were filled with fluid. It hurt so bad. They tried to remove some of the fluid but I just couldn't handle it. The Vet told my Mom she would have to take me to a big hospital. Another car ride. We arrived and they hooked me up to all of these monitors and poked me with needles. I was so sick and I couldn't breathe and it hurt so bad. The Doctor told my Mom that I would need a $9,000 emergency surgery, right away. They said that my chances of survival were 70% but that I would need surgery to drain the fluid in my lungs and to find out where my infection was coming from. That night they put me to sleep and opened up my whole chest to flush my lungs out. When I woke up I hurt so bad. I was in a oxygen chamber to help my breathing and it made me feel like I was in a cage again. I wanted to fight. I wanted to feel the grass under my feet again and I wanted to sleep curled up next to my Mom in bed. I was only 7 months old. I had so much more to experience than 7 days of freedom.  But, I just couldn't fight anymore so my Mom decided to help me cross the rainbow bridge.

I might have only gotten to experience freedom for 7 days but those days were worth it all. I went out of this world knowing what it is to be loved and the kind of life I was supposed to live. After I passed they found out my body was filled with e Coli. The nasty commercial breeding facility I came from admitted to the e Coli coming from her Cattle. My Mom wrote letters to the USDA and those horrible people got in trouble for the unsanitary conditions we were all living in. After I came to Arizona the volunteers at Cavalier Rescue Foundation vowed to give all the sick Cavaliers the same chance to survive as they gave me....this started the Bunker Fund!

Bunker's Fund

Hello, My name is Bunker and I crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, April 26th. Let me tell you about my last two weeks here, were they quite the journey.
I was born and spent my first six months at a large scale breeding facility in Iowa. The lady who owned me said she no longer had any use for me and my brothers and sisters so she was either going to destroy us or better yet take us to a large scale breeding facility auction where she could hopefully make some money on selling me to another large scale breeding facility. I didn't know where I was going or who was going to take care of me. I made the journey from Iowa to Missouri where they hold the auctions. I can't even tell you how scared I was. They put tags around all of our necks with numbers. I was number #249. There were dogs everywhere and they were all barking. I was so scared. There was this loud man on a speaker talking to all these people and everything was moving so fast. They kept taking dogs up one by one and this loud man would shout out numbers. All the dogs were shaking. I was so scared. All of a sudden they grab me and my brothers and sisters and now we're up there in front of everybody. All the people were poking and prodding at us. All of a sudden the loud man said "SOLD" and whisked my brother and I away. I wasn't sure what happened. They took my sisters away from us but at least I had my brother.

The next thing I know we are thrown in a cage in this van and start driving. It felt like forever. We drove and drove for two days. Then
In memory of #249, please consider making a tax deductable donation to Bunker's Fund